Prince Andromeda (born Kailen Andromeda) is the crown prince of the Andromeda Galaxy, and the owner of the Andromeda Crystal. He is the son of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia.


Civilian IdentityEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the current bearer of the Andromeda Crystal, Kailen has control over its realms of influence: glass and a silver-colored energy that represents the life force of the Andromeda Galaxy.

When not transformed, Kailen has limited control over these elements:

  • Ability to manipulate glass without touching it (effectively giving him telekinetic power over all glass objects)
  • Ability to shatter glass on physical contact
  • Ability to repair glass objects
  • Ability to sense the presence of an Andromedan
  • Ability to sense the emotions of an Andromedan

As Prince Andromeda, Kailen has much can control the elements to a much greater degree:

  • Ability to shatter glass from a distance
  • Ability to break down and reform glass
  • Ability to communicate telepathically with Andromedans
  • Ability to sense and manipulate the emotions of Andromedans
  • Ability to create constructs made out of the Andromedan Silver energy (grenades, most often)

Weapons and AttacksEdit

Prince Andromeda is the owner of The Glassmakers, his Weapon of War, a pair of glass daggers that he can form out of the glass in the surrounding area, as well as break down into glass shards to use as projectiles.


  • Silver Grenades
  • Glass Chain Pursuit/Entrap
  • Kaze Taisan
  • Whirlwind of Glass Crash
  • Crystal Shard Shot

Transformation SequenceEdit

Kailen pulls out his pocket watch and shouts, “Andromeda Galaxy Power!” The latch opens, the watch ticks once, and all of the glass in the surrounding area shatters, flying around him. He holds his arms out, and says “Make-up!” The glass chain from the watch snaps like a whip and wraps around both of his arms, suspended above his skin. He then grabs the clock face and places it on his chest, glass shards rushing to form his dress shirt.

He moves his arms through the air, crossing them at the forearm, his jacket materializing over the shirt and his gloves appearing. He spins around in a complete circle, the shards hitting his legs, forming his pants and boots. Drawing his left hand over his eyes, his silver sunglasses are formed and his crescent is turned into a silver forehead jewel. He whips his right arm over his head and glass spirals into his hair and eyes, dying them silver. The remaining glass flies into his hands, forming the Glassmakers, and he poses as Prince Andromeda.

Note: In order for Kailen to transform, there must be a ready source of glass in the area; when he does, all of it shatters at once and rushes to him, becoming his uniform. This can also mean that if there isn’t enough glass for him to use, parts of his uniform cannot materialize (e.g. the Glassmakers or his pants). However, this usually isn’t a problem in Crystal Tokyo for obvious reasons. As he gains power, he will be able choose to only summon the daggers and even turn sand directly into glass for his use.

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